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Our Pastor


Pastor Aaron Thompson was born and raised just across the bridge in Portland, OR. He did not grow up in a Christian home but was exposed to various religious beliefs. At the age of 25 a Soulwinner  showed Pastor Thompson the Gospel from the King James Bible and he called upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and was saved.  Pastor Thompson attended various Baptist churches after getting saved, until 2016 when he was asked to be the leader of the Vancouver, WA satellite ministry of Verity Baptist Church. He served as the satellite leader faithfully and was ordained by Pastor Roger Jimenez as the Pastor of Sure Foundation Baptist Church in July of 2018. Pastor Thompson is married to his wife, Sherry, and they have four children; Remy, Nia, Jassamayn, and Josh, all of whom faithfully serve in the church. If you have questions or comments for Pastor Thompson you can email him here.

Our Story


Prior to the launch of the satellite church that would become Sure Foundation Baptist Church, the Pacific Northwest had a strong group of Soulwinners that faithfully attended and served in other Baptist churches. Unofficially lead by Pastor Aaron Thompson at the time, this group would meet regularly for  soulwinning marathons and fellowship. Having a like minded desire to see a strong Soulwinning, King James Preaching, Uncompromising, Sanctified, Fire Breathing church in the Pacific Northwest Pastor Roger Jimenez of Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento, CA launched a satellite ministry in Vancouver, WA in October of 2016. Pastor Roger Jimenez enlisted Pastor Aaron Thompson to lead the local congregation as the Satellite Leader while being trained to eventually be ordained as the Pastor. In July of 2018 Pastor Thompson was ordained in Vancouver, WA and the satellite Church became independent and was established as Sure Foundation Baptist Church.

What to Expect


At Sure Foundation Baptist Church we believe in going back to the old paths. We sing classic doctrinally sound hymns, we believe the King James Bible is the Word of God, and we aren’t afraid to preach hard on sin. All of our  services are family-integrated, meaning children and infants are always welcome in the service. We have Mother-baby rooms, and father-baby rooms available should you need a more private area for yourself and the children. Each room has a monitor and sound so you are still able to enjoy the service.

Our church takes joy in fellowship with fellow believers, whether that be before and after services or enjoying a meal together, you will find the congregation and leadership to be warm and welcoming. In addition to our scheduled services we hold additional activities regularly including homeschooling field trips, men’s fellowship, women’s fellowship, and men’s preaching nights. For more information about upcoming events and activities please contact us here.

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