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Jesus Christ gave us the commandment to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Jesus sent his disciples two by two going from house to house and village to village to bring the message of the glorious gospel to the lost. This is the pattern that we follow when we go Soulwinning. We believe that every saved believer is called to share their faith and that it is not an act reserved for those who have a special gift or calling. For those who have never shared the Gospel and would like to learn, we will partner them with an experienced Soulwinner that can train them and teach them how to effectively present the good news. For additional information on soulwinning times please contact us here.


Below you will find videos of a soulwinning seminar taught by Pastor Roger Jimenez of Verity Baptist Church. If you want to be a soul winner, go through the videos using these worksheets, go soul winning with an experienced speaker, then go through the videos again.

You can also download the 'Romans Road' App from one of the links below. This app is designed to help teach Christians how to present the plan of salvation to non-believers.

romns road app.jpg
Lesson 1: Preparing for Soul Winning
Lesson 2: The Questions
Lesson 3: We are all Sinners
Lesson 4: The Result of Our Sin
Lesson 6: The Gift
Lesson 7: The Gospel
Lesson 8: Eternal Security
Lesson 9: The Sinners Prayer
Lesson 10: Conserving the Results
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